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How I helped our senior cat reverse her diabetes

Our cat, Puddy, has been with the family for fourteen years now. We found her when she was around three months old. She was meowing on one of the upper floors of our apartment. We got her down and gave her something to eat, thinking that she may have gotten stuck and would go back to her family. But, no. She decided that we were family and stayed.

Puddy has been a relatively healthy cat without any serious illnesses. Being a complete indoor cat, she had less chances to catch infections or viruses from other cats. She also has a sweet temperament, except when we have to force feed her medicines or give her a bath. And any vet who has attended to Puddy describes her as a harmless puppy. Yes, she is extremely well-behaved outside the house!

With age, Puddy became less active and she naturally started putting on weight. She couldn't groom herself properly either because she was unable to reach certain areas of her body. Last year, we found her fur was getting matted in many areas. I sheared off the matted fur and also started her on some Bach Flower Remedies that would help improve her fur condition and increase her vitality. With continued use, her fur became softer and the matted fur did not reappear.

In December 2021, I noticed that she had started drinking excess water. She had become so thirsty that she also started drinking from our dog's water bowl. This was not normal. A visit to the vet confirmed that she was highly diabetic - her sugar levels were at 435! The vets said that she needed to start on insulin injections. They initially gave her the lowest-recommended dose based on her body weight - 3.4 units of insulin. It did not seem to have any impact because her sugar levels had not reduced much (385). And so the dose was upped to 5 units. When her sugar levels were checked the next day, it was more than 435! Again, the insulin dose was increased - now to 6 units. Every day, morning and evening, for two weeks I brought her to the vet to check her blood sugar and adjust her insulin dosage. At the end of these two weeks, the dose was finally fixed at 9 units of insulin.

Meanwhile, I started reading up on changing the diet for cats who were diabetic. I realized that I had to shift her from a carb-based diet to a high-protein diet. I slowly introduced new protein-based food into her morning and evening meals. I also started her on Bach Flower Remedies that would help stabilize her sugar levels and I also gave her 21 days of Merlin Trinity healing. Her sugar levels were stable, but she was still on 9 units of insulin, administered twice a day. Both Puddy and I started dreading these morning and evening routines, where I had to inject the insulin into her and she screamed in anticipation of the pain.

After around two months of a complete diet change and alternate healing therapies, Puddy's sugar levels started decreasing. I had to continuously monitor her sugar levels and reduce the insulin dosage so that she wouldn't become hypoglycemic. In March 2022, three months after she was initially diagnosed with diabetes, the vet (who was quite mystified with Puddy's decreasing sugar levels) finally declared Puddy free of diabetes and her insulin injections were stopped completely.

To me, the reversal of Puddy's diabetes is nothing short of a miracle! Yes, her change in diet definitely helped stabilize her sugar levels. And there is research to validate this. I also do believe that my healing work through Bach Flower Remedies and Merlin Trinity healing helped hasten the remission of her diabetes. Whatever it is, today both Puddy and I are very relieved that she is insulin-free. The Bach Flower Remedies continue and I hope that she has a healthy and active life as long as she lives.


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