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What is the Merlin Trinity Healing System?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Merlin Trinity Healing System or MTHS is a system of healing that channels the energies of universal love and infinite intelligence to raise our vibrations so that our bodies experience wholeness on a physical, emotional, and mental level. This healing system was channeled into existence by Mark A. Karlsson, my guru. There are five levels of healing (Initiate, Trinity, Master, Alchemy, and Manifestation) and a separate cleansing practice (Merlin Cleanser) that we can learn, practice, and use for healing ourselves and others.

As the name of this healing system suggests, this energy healing is a gift from Merlin, the wizard from the days of King Arthur. While Mark was first introduced to this energy in 1994 through one of his friends, it was in January of 1998, that he actually received his first attunement of the symbols that he needed to start practicing and teaching. He continued to receive further attunements from Merlin over time that finally developed into the different levels of healing.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being initiated into this beautiful energy healing system by Mark himself, and I am every grateful for his and Merlin's eternal wisdom and guidance. By constantly using these energies (I have completed the Master level), I have seen so many subtle and some not-so-subtle changes in my life, and I know it is because of the continuous practice that I do every day with these symbols.

Mark no longer teaches the Initiate level as part of live classes, but you can still learn the Initiate level through a recorded session and receive an attunement from him. I hope to start teaching the Initiate level in the near future. For now, I am only focusing on healing others using this amazing healing system.

If you are interested in learning MTHS, please reach out to Mark. He can guide you on your journey to wholeness and balance.

I hope this article provides more insight into this beautiful healing system that is not known to many.


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