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Handling lost animal cases

When I started my journey as a telepathic animal communicator around two years ago, one of my biggest challenges was dealing with lost animal cases because no one prepares you to deal with the emotional trauma of a parent who has lost their dear pet. In my initial few cases, I found myself being overwhelmed with the emotions that the parent was going through and I found it very tough to disengage from that emotional overload to be able to communicate clearly with an animal that was lost. Being an empath, I realized that it was necessary to shield myself from the powerful emotions that the parent was feeling so that I could communicate and help the animal in need.

With time, I learned to deal with the emotional trauma that the parent was going through, and I was able to help most parents trace their lost pets (if the pet wanted to be found). The messages that I received from the lost animal were clearer and I could interpret them more accurately. And there are many happy stories of pet parents finding their pet after days or months with my guidance and help. However, I was still not very keen on taking on lost animal cases because of my fears of experiencing the parent's trauma. All this changed in March 2022. In fact, during the month of March 2022, most of the cases that I worked on were related to lost cats.

While telepathic animal communicators have all the skills and tools necessary to help find a lost animal, it can be a time-consuming process that requires the parent's patience and willingness to put in all the efforts to find the pet. At times, unfortunately, the lost animal may meet an untimely end and this is one of the most difficult messages that I have had to convey back to the parent. In the past month, I have faced this challenge a couple of times where I got the message that either the lost pet was ready to transition or had already transitioned to the afterlife. Because I can also communicate with animals that have crossed the rainbow bridge, I ask them what is the best way to communicate this awful news back to the parent and I get guidance from the animal themselves on how to convey this news.

The universe does work in mysterious ways. I now know that I was being pushed to overcome my limiting beliefs or fears and become more confident in handling different kinds of lost animal cases. This has always been my calling - to help animals, to heal animals. And I hope to continue helping lost animals find their parents.

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