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Why mṛga∞dvārā?

Mṛga∞dvārā means 'through animals.' So, why did I choose this as the name of this site and my Facebook page?

My journey into spirituality has been quite checkered. I remember buying my first book on Reiki in late 1998. It was a small pocket edition that I could have read at any time, but I never got around to it. Life kind of interrupted my learning process. And I accepted it. However, my interest in occult practices never waned. Whenever I had the money and if some book on the occult caught my interest, I would try and buy it. But I still didn't get around to actually reading it or practicing anything.

Then in 2004, I got introduced to Feng Shui through my late mother. I started practicing Feng Shui at home. Got wind chimes and statues of different symbolic figures to be placed at different places in the house to ensure the flow of good 'chi' (energy). I still continue to practice Feng Shui at home. But again, I never thought of myself as somebody who was spiritually inclined or had a strong connection to Spirit.

Sometime in 2006, I met a tarot card diviner who had set up a stall in a neighborhood mall. I asked her about a personal situation that I was going through and when she drew the cards, she told me that I had a strong connection to the spiritual realm and that it is my calling. I looked at her in amusement at that time and thought, "Right!" She actually was the first person to reveal what I would figure out years later (almost 14 years later!).

Certain events in my life in 2007 made me realize that my intuition was very strong and that I should always listen to my guiding inner voice whenever I heard it. And my intuition has always served me well ever since. Again, I did not connect having a strong intuition to being spiritual. I just assumed that I am just quite intuitive by nature!

Surprisingly enough, I bought my first tarot deck (the Rider-Waite deck) a couple of years later. I tried to understand it and went through the guidebooks, but again, I could not absorb the knowledge that was there in the books. I shelved the tarot card deck and books and almost forgot about them. Until much later.

In 2015, along came Peeku, my elder dog. He was literally God-sent because, although I didn't know it at that time, my life was about to take a turn for the worse - emotionally, mentally, and physically. If Peeku had not been there giving me his unconditional love, I know that year would have been tough to survive. He literally walked into my life and saved me!

A black dog

In 2020, I adopted my second dog, Paroo, and I truly believe her to be the reason for kickstarting my spiritual journey. Of course, the pandemic helped - I no longer had to wade through traffic to reach my workplace. I was at home and I had extra time on my hands. And then there was Paroo whom I could not figure out. I tried to train her, but nothing seemed to work. And then in July 2020, I saw an ad on Facebook for a course on Telepathic Animal Communication. This was something that I had always wanted to learn, and without thinking too much about it, I enrolled!

An indie dog, brown in color

That one course changed my life! In the quest for understanding Paroo better, I ended up understanding myself more. And there was no looking back. From learning Shamanism, Reiki healing, Tarot & Oracle card reading, Bach Flower Remedies, Merlin Trinity healing, and now very recently, Animal Spirit healing, my spiritual growth has been nothing short of miraculous. And all this happened because of my first foray into telepathic animal communication. Hence the name of the site - mṛga∞dvārā - because my spiritual journey began through animals. And this spiritual journey will continue with more focus on helping animals.

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